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Skopje, May 2012  

Prof. Ph.D. Kiril Cavdar, Retired judge in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia and the Federal Court of SFRY in Belgrade

Following the development of Aleksandar Pulejkov as a professional from the Law Faculty in Skopje since 1984 and with full responsibility, I can confirm that he shows remarkable talent in studying and mastering the legal issues that he encountered as an associate in the Court, as a Lawyer and now as a Judicial Officer in Skopje  
Towards the studying of the matters ahead, he approaches with sharpened intelligence that enables him to quickly grasp the legal issues of a particular case, to legally qualify the case, and to properly apply the provisions under which the case needs to be summarized.  
Never avoids an expert consultation’s, which allows him to achieve top results in the application of the law."