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Enforcement Agent Aleksandar Pulejkov 2021 - 2006

Enforcement Agent

Enforcement Court Decisions and Settlements, Notary Titles, Decisions of a Foreign Court, and Arbitral Awards

In 2020 He was approved by the Arbitrators Nominating Committee as an Arbitrator in the Russian Arbitration Association - RAA, after which in May 2023, at his request, he was released from this prestigious and respected expert status.



Aleksandar T.Pulejkov Law Office 2006 - 1990


Areas of practice: 

Civil, litigation, commercial, business, real estate, property, bankruptcy, family, inheritance, gambling, personal injury, labor, debtor and creditor, contracts, and international private law.

Help several companies with capital foreign investment on establishing businesses in Macedonia, prepare legal opinions and commercial agreements containing international elements.


Business and law Balkan legal forum, 2004 Sofia,2012 Istanbul


"The Banking System in the Republic of Macedonia" published by the Centre for International Business Law research-edition about legislation of banking in Eastern Europe and Central Asia," CARLTON LAWS London UK.

Authors: Andrey Brisco, Aleksandar Pulejkov

Supreme Commercial Court of Macedonia 1990-1987

Judicial Expert Associate

Lecturer, Court Jurisprudence Law Department

Sole worked with all three Judge Councils separately and with the Head of the commercial dispute law department on preparing written Judgments, Court decisions, and legal explanations of Supreme Court principal legal opinions.

Lecturer of fundamental attitudes and principal legal opinions mandatory for all Judges of the Supreme Commercial Court.

Participate in the preparation of Court fundamental attitudes and mandatory legal opinions.

Co-organizer of Conference and co-preparatory of the informative Gazette from the General Session of the Supreme Commercial Courts of the Republics and the commercial law departments in the Supreme Courts of the Republics and Autonomous provinces in the former SFRY held 1989 in Ohrid, Macedonia.

District Commercial Court Skopje 1987-1985

Judicial Expert Associate

Court President Counselor, Court Jurisprudence Law Department

Practices at Commercial disputes, Execution, and Court register Law departments.

Basic Court Skopje 1 Skopje 1985-1984


Civil, Crime, Investigation and Inheritance Law departments

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