Counselor at Law < 2021 Enforcement Agent 2020 / 2006

Advocate 2006 / 1990 Court Expert Associate 1990 / 1984

Правен советник < 2021 Извршител 2020 / 2006 година

Адвокат 2006 / 1990 година Судски стручен соработник 1990 / 1984 година

Born June 13 1959 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

He graduates Law - Jurisdictional Branch at University St. Cyril & Methodius Faculty of Law Skopje, Republic of Macedonia - 1984.

As an Expert Associate, he Sole worked with all three-Judge councils separately and with the Head of the Commercial dispute Law department.

Lecturer of fundamental attitudes and principal legal opinions mandatory for all Judges of the Supreme Commercial Court.

He participates in the preparation of Court fundamental attitudes and mandatory legal opinions.

Co-organizer of Conference and co-preparatory of the informative Gazette from the General session of the Supreme Commercial Courts of the Republics and the commercial law departments in the Supreme Courts of the Republics and Autonomous provinces in the former SFRY held 1989 in Ohrid, Macedonia.

As an Advocate, he practices in the sphere of Civil, litigation, commercial, business, real estate, property, bankruptcy, family, inheritance, gambling, personal injury, labor, debtor and creditor, contracts, and international private law.

He helps several companies with capital foreign investment on establishing businesses in Macedonia, prepares legal opinions and commercial agreements containing international elements.

He is one of the firstly appointed Enforcement Agents in Macedonia together with entrance into force of the new Law on Enforcement on June 8, 2006, and one of the founders of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents of the Republic of Macedonia.

Guest Speaker and member of the Business Council at the American College Skopje until 2017.

His credentials meet the client's needs honoring the principles of ethics, equity of the parties and participants in procedure, confidence, trustworthiness, efficiency, legal expertise, and professional protocols of continuous knowledge development management as Credo and core value of his personal attitudes.

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